The fact that 1920s America affects Australia, and the fact that it affects the world generally, is the very reason that this topic feels interesting and relevant to me.

However, for the most part, I will not really focus on Australia and the rest of the world when writing about this topic. Europe I will sometimes bring in for a contrast, however, partly because Americans saw themselves in contrast to it. Generally speaking, I do not believe I’ll include a lot on Australia in the 1920s within this discussion. The reason is because much of what was going on at the time in Australia does not relate directly to the main topic.

While I’m interested in this topic perhaps ultimately because it affects Australia, the timeline through which these societal changes eventually came here gradually happens later.

Also, these things do not happen in the same way in Australia as they did in America. Some societal changes held a different position in Australian society than they do in America. Some did so at the time in the 1920s but later converged to a certain extent, others remain quite different.

I plan to avoid writing in a way that draws false parallels between America and Australia.

Even though there are old photos of Australians dressed in stereotypical 1920s outfits, and jazz bars influenced by the American style appeared, the same kinds of lifestyles revolving around these in America did not happen in the same ways.

One important point is that although Australia is influenced by 1920s America, most of that comes after continual waves of transformation centred within America. What happened in 1920s America led to 1960s America, and 1960s America led to 1990s Americ. But 1990s America and 1960s America influenced Australia much more directly, because it is more recent and because global media was much more tied together in more recent years. So, much of the time a development from 1920s America comes to present-day Australia mostly via 1950s or 1980s America, not via 1920s Australia.

I may end up doing a lot of sections on Australia in the 1920s anyway just for fun, particularly some of the old photos from the era. But this is basically completely separate from the discussion about 1920s America, and is distinct even from the topic of how 1920s America eventually influenced present-day Australia.