Throughout the 21st century so far, and in the lead up to it, the idea that progressives should support pornography and the sex industry has been popularised.

The arguments made in favour of these practices are to portray restrictive laws as being oppressive, reflective of government overreach and a conservative mentality.

Often the same kinds of arguments in support of sexual freedom and baring of the body, are extended to prostitution and pornography.

This line of reasoning is categorised as “liberal feminism”. In the end, a lot of the arguments are neoliberal arguments, and it should possibly be called “neoliberal feminism” rather than “liberal feminism”. Neoliberalism has also affected many areas other than feminism, however these effects have often not been critiqued as they are in feminism.

What neoliberal arguments about prostitution and pornography fail to take into account are questions such as whether anybody is exploited or harmed by the practice.

The argument is actually nearly identical to when neoliberals argue that workers who are being paid illegally low wages or with illegally bad conditions in manufacturing or fast food are making a “choice”.