The American Century and the Modern Age

The 1920s was the birth of the modern era in America, which ultimately came to transform the rest of the world. Both the modern culture and the economic dominance which allowed it to spread originated in 1920s America. The two are also related.

That we watch American movies and programs, listen to American music and eat American food is a result of this age. This is because the economic dominance that made America an economic centre began with this age, while the modern American culture also can be said to begin at this time.

The cultural revolution which is often described as beginning in the 1960s could really be said to have begun in the twenties.

There are a number of other things which began around this time such as modern music, the popularisation of cinema, and mass-produced fashion. Important changes in lifestyle, urbanisation and suburbanisation were occurring at this time. The motor car became widely accessible in 1920s America. Until this time, the lifestyle was drastically different to today’s, but from the 1920s onwards there is a common thread with the rest of the 1900s and even up to today.

Most of this section is on America, except for certain parts on Europe which will usually be brought in for contrast.

Today the whole world is affected by the changes that began during this time. Generally speaking, most people in developed countries now can drive and many own a car. But the normalisation of this happened in Henry Ford’s factories in the 20s.