Agricultural Tools Ploughed into Boutique Jewellery Store


A Coffs Harbour jewellery store was looted by a gang of four around 2:25am on Monday morning, who made off with valuable contents.

The business, located on the popular seaside shopping district at Harbour Drive Coffs harbour, was visited by the robbers in the middle of the night. According to police officers from Coffs/Clarence Police District who are investigating the crime, the criminals had armed themselves with what are believed to be agricultural tools.

With one of the gang weilding an axe, while another armed himself with a mattock, they broke down the door of the exclusive boutique business, shattering the serenity of the night. Having made their way inside with the farming instruments, they rummaged through the dark to scoop up a pile of valuable gems and accessories.

Having looted the store, the theives quickly made their way out before disappearing into the night. They are believed to have got away with $25,000 retail value worth of jewellery.

By the sparkling waters of the peaceful harbour resort town, the owners this morning to find the ground strewn with glittering glass. The cold hard reality of another struggling small business, this peaceful setting already recently was the scene of many broken dreams.

The is another hit to a tourist town whose economy is already reeling from the effects of the border closures and economic recession, with bordered up shopfronts an increasingly common site as in many towns and suburbs. Meanwhile the crime rate has been increasing in both Coffs Harbour and NSW in recent years, driven by rising unemployment and poverty and other factors such as an increase in drug dependency with a 700 percent increase in methamphetamine incidents in 2019.

The Police have requested for any persons who have knowledge or information about the incident to contact them immediately.

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