Qantas Vaccine Pass – Radio Story Script


The first trial of a vaccine passport health app has taken place on a Qantas flight, QF116 from Frankfurt to Darwin on Friday 12/03.

Qantas intends that the digitised medical records accessed from the app will be used, by the airlines to see whether people have been vaccinated, and whether they have returned negative COVID results.

It has been trialling its two apps known as the International Air Transport Association (IATA) Travel Pass and CommonPass apps. Qantas trialled CommonPass with its crew in February before extending it to passengers.

Qantas has said it will make it quicker and easier for passengers to go on flights, and suggested that in the future a positive vaccination status will become mandatory in order to take international flights.

Qantas Chief Customer Officer Stephanie Tully said “COVID test results and proof of vaccine will be required in many countries for quarantine-free travel.”

Qantas has started out using it for passengers to show their negative COVID test result, however in future it plans to use it for Australians flying home to show their vaccination status.

Internationally, health passports are being discussed in a number of countries.
A similar proposal has just been banned in Israel, on the grounds that it violates personal freedoms.

The Israeli Supreme Court on 17/03/2021 overruled the Israeli Government’s vaccination certificate requirements for airlines and limits on numbers of passengers entering the country per day. The ruling stated such limits are “an assault on the very heart of the legal right to enter Israel and to leave it, and other rights that are at the heart of the fabric of life in democratic societies.”

Such medical passes constitute the compelling of citizens to take a medical procedure, by withholding freedoms they would otherwise have and restricting their freedom of movement. Compelling citizens to take medical procedures goes against the Nuremberg Code, one of a number of concerns raised by civil liberties advocates.

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