Social Media and Fascism


Opinions should be expressed in a coherent and detailed way.
The disjointed and illogical expression personified in Trump’s identity is a wider social disease.
Influenced heavily by social media, and the overuse of digital media forms in general and the adhd-like effects they instigate, thought and discussion are broken and segmented.
Meme forwarding and direct repetition of short simple slogans passes for an opinion, and even activism.
In an environment where detailed discussion is taking place, which could be by verbal discussion, blog/discussion board style internet use that was more popular in the past, or in academic or journalistic environments, it is not possible to exactly replicate an opinion, without being an obvious plagiarist. Everybody advances the discussion in some way by making individual contributions, and unique viewpoints or unique combinations of beliefs are frequently put forward.
In these environments, individuals are true participants in the discussion. They together create and viewpoints which evolve out of everyone’s contribution.
In contrast in the social media environments such as facebook and twitter, Even when a comment is typed out, it is very often (although, not always) too short and general to be anything original, and often merely indicates which “side” the participant backs in a preexisting debate.
This is a “Team Colours”, “Flag-Waving” approach to discussion. Which is not to say that only those who “identify as flag-wavers”, are particularly associated with this type of discussion, it is this method and process of discussion itself that is worrying regardless of what side or group that participants are backing.
The perspectives themselves are often pre-determined and are not affected by the behaviour of most individual participants.
Social media as a cesspit of conformity and repetition.
Conformity and repetition are fascist characteristics and fascist behaviour.
These social media platforms encourage and proscribe this behaviour, and so it could be said that the mediums themselves are fascist.

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