Don’t Let the Heat Get to You


If you’re working outdoors this summer, be careful of the heat. Know the risks and how to manage them, to look after your health and others’.

In the last decade there have been 100’s of Work Health Safety compensation cases related to heat, you don’t want to end up among the casualties.

Here are some tips – You can learn first aid and how to administer first aid for heat related injury.

As with all work sites, you should assess and control hazards.

There are many things which you can do to reduce risk, such as swapping high risk duties for low risk ones.

Provisions such as shading equipment can be set up for outdoor work.

Where you can, try to isolate hazards.

And if it is unsafe, stop working.

The Safe Work Australia website has many resources to help you manage heat related risks.

If you know what the risks are and how to identify them, you can take steps to eliminate them.

Discuss them with your colleagues to work safely together.

Together we can all do our part to work smart and work safe.


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